Semalt Explains What Keyword Seasonality Is

In business, you should always be looking for ways to improve your operating strategy and stay ahead of the competition. This is also possible in the SEO process, and one option is to use seasonal keywords in the context of the website.

Seasonal words are simply keywords that are relevant to a particular season. For example, if you run a flower store, seasonal keywords might be "Valentine's Day flowers" or "Mother's Day flowers."

Using seasonality is a great step towards increased SEO effectiveness, as it allows you to reach people who are looking for products or services related to a specific season or specific events. If you can rank your website for these keywords, you can attract many specific audiences.

Seasonality of keywords in practice

How do you find the right seasonal keywords, and once you find them, how do you make sure you use them effectively in your SEO strategy? Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Use keyword research tools

There are many different keyword research tools that you can use with your seasonality research. Among them is the Dedicated SEO Dashboard. Indeed, the DSD is a state-of-the-art SEO tool developed by Semalt's SEO experts that takes into account the current market evolution in terms of SEO.

All you have to do is enter a few keywords in this tool and it will generate a list of possible links that might be of interest.

The DSD has several very advanced features and I invite you to learn more about them as well as other included tools at

2. Look at your analytical data

Analytics data (e.g., from Google Analytics, and Google Search Console) can also be a great source of ideas for keywords. Take a look at the phrases typed by users so far and see if they are relevant for a given period.

3. Brainstorming with the team

Brainstorming is also a good alternative for coming up with seasonal keyword ideas. Have a meeting about your list of potential keywords and specific events you might decide on.

When you find seasonal keywords that are important to your business, make a list of where they can be placed:
By following these tips, you can be sure that you are fully working on seasonal keywords for your website, as this will help you get high traffic at certain times of the year when users are particularly interested in something.

The benefits of using key phrase seasonality

If you run a business that is influenced in any way by the seasons, you need to make sure your strategy takes that into account. Seasonality can be a critical component of your sales.

There are several ways to target this type of search query. For example, if you blog, you may want to write specifically about the seasonal products or services you offer.

Examples of events that are relevant to keyword seasonality:

Some important details about seasonal marketing

The internet, like everything else in the world, is subject to trends and fads. Some of these pass as quickly as they appear - others come back every year. Internet marketing also considers when customers are more likely to put products in their shopping carts. There is an increase in traffic to web shops (and stationary shops) on Christmas, Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Women's Day, Valentine's Day, Children's Day, and other occasional holidays.

Another important issue is that at certain times, consumers are more likely to buy specific products - for example, sunscreens in the summer, ski helmets and goggles or Christmas sweaters in the winter, and rubber boots in the spring and fall. This means that in each period, Internet users are looking for specific products, information, discounts, and tips related to the purchase of these items. Specific studies support these observations. Based on them, it can be concluded that the amount of data sent into the network decreases depending on the month and season by up to 40%. The smallest amount of information is sought during the summer period while visiting blogs and online stores is favored by the winter season - the highest values are reached in November and December.

These dependencies are referred to as seasonal marketing. It focuses on creating campaigns based on annual events and tailoring promotional campaigns to events that can be predicted from the calendar. Occasional marketing involves promoting three types of events:

Seasonal marketing: for whom?

Seasonal marketing is the perfect tool for e-commerce businesses. It should be used by companies that want to offer consumers valuable content, interesting discounts, and unusual promotions. Standard seasonal campaign products can be presented in a whole new way, such as creating a Valentine's Day chocolate movie. It should be noted that seasonal marketing can also be used by companies whose promotion seems more difficult. However, remember not to create standard campaigns for every holiday and choose seasonal keywords for each occasion. Vacations or seasonal events should be chosen strategically, matching them to the characteristics of the target group. It is also good to know the attitude of message recipients towards official and unofficial holidays - a close look at the seasonality of key phrases can help with this.

Types of seasonal keywords

In order to carry out seasonal marketing, you need to know the keywords that will help you plan your campaigns. For this, you need to know the seasonal phrases. These can be divided into several types. 

What kind? Key phrases related to a specific event, for example, Reportage Festival in Lublin - in the case of this type of seasonal phrases, it is worth considering whether their advertising is profitable. Often the effect is achieved in a one-off manner and the competition can be considerable. So, the easiest way to use this type of seasonal word is the event organizer; this is because Google prefers official websites. However, if you are not an official organizer, and still want to rank for a phrase related to a given event, you need to ensure the right content - it is best to place it on dedicated subpages.  
Date-sensitive key phrases, such as fashionable dresses for summer 2022 - the positioning of these phrases is usually decided by companies in the fashion, tourism, music, and cosmetics industries. Creating content with these phrases in mind will help provide users with up-to-date information.

Key phrases taking into account cyclical events, for example, a gift for parents for Christmas - it is worth positioning for this type of phrase throughout the year, not only in the so-called high season for a given phrase. This is because Google evaluates sites with stable parameters much better. It is worth noting that these types of seasonal keywords are divided into those that gain popularity for easily predictable reasons (e.g., presidential elections) and those related to random events (e.g., coronavirus).

How to advertise on seasonal keywords?

Seasonal keywords can be used for various forms of advertising. Many companies use phrases primarily when advertising AdWords. However, it should be remembered that many people are willing to position themselves for seasonal keywords. The result is a high price for clicks, and therefore an overpayment for ads (AdWords). 

Therefore, a more advantageous solution is to split the advertising budget. A larger share is spent on running an AdWords campaign well in advance, acquiring valuable links, and optimizing dedicated sub-pages. The remaining 25-30% of the budget should be used during the so-called peak season of a given keyword and focus on strengthening link building and buying clicks.

How to plan a seasonal campaign?

Checking the most popular seasonal keywords and creating this list is only the beginning of a successful event campaign. Another part is to start the advertising activities in the right way. In the case of online advertising or content-based promotion, such as publishing guides on a blog, the activities need to be started early enough.

The best solution is to start preparing campaigns at least 3-4 months in advance. These preparations should include, among other things, developing a good plan - seasonal marketing is not recommended to be spontaneous. Activities should always have a clear objective, methods of measuring impact and a clear budget. Activities planned in advance will delight customers with a sophisticated and original promotion, while staying ahead of the competition. It should be noted that seasonal marketing likes to be creative and sometimes shocking.

Effects and benefits of seasonal keyword campaigns

There are many benefits to using seasonal keywords and event-based campaigns. The most important, however, is reaching consumers at a time when they are interested in purchasing specific products or services. This allows you to create a buying opportunity that is in many cases exploited. The message received becomes a stimulus to action, especially if the CTA - call to action is well prepared. In addition, seasonal advertisements stand out from the boring permanent display ads and often also from the activities of the competition. Catchy slogans, interesting graphic designs, and an unusual copy will help you get better click-through rates.

One-off advertising campaigns based on seasonal key phrases are a great idea to increase interest in a brand and its products / services. However, to get results, you need to be well prepared. Therefore, you can't ignore checking and selecting the best seasonal keywords. Preparing them well in advance will allow you to take full advantage of the hot season for businesses and not miss a great moment of promotion.

If you need to learn more about the subject of SEO and website promotion, we invite you to visit our Semalt blog.

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